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Ukrainian Migration to Poland: A “Local” Mobility?

Authors Zuzanna Brunarska, Marta Kindler, Monika Szulecka, ...
Book Title Ukrainian Migration to the European Union
1 Book Chapter

Migration management in the EU's eastern neighbourhood

Year 2014
Journal Name Journal of Sociology
2 Journal Article

Ukrainian economic migrants in Poland - why is it so difficult to count them?

Year 2014
Journal Name Studia Biura Analiz Sejmowych
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3 Journal Article

Migration Between the EU, V4 and Eastern Europe: the Present Situation and Possible Future the Perspective of Poland.

Year 2014
Book Title Forecasting Migration Between the EU, V4 and Eastern Europe. Impact of Visa Abolition
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6 Book Chapter

Contemporary migrations in the post-Soviet area through the prism of the concept of post-imperial migrations

Year 2013
Journal Name Central and Eastern European Migration Review
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8 Journal Article

Asylum seekers, Refugees and IDPs in the EaP countries: Recognition, Social Protection and integration - An Overview.

This paper is based on the information included in the twenty-one explanatory notes from CARIM East network members, covering the demo-economic, legal and socio-political aspects of the situation of asylum seekers, refugees and IDPs in individual countries of the CARIM East region. This paper gives an overview of the basic facts concerning populations in need of protection in the Eastern Partnership countries, who are defined as asylum seekers, refugees and IDPs. It focuses especially on their recognition, social protection and integration.
Year 2013
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10 Report

A “Good Enough” Choice: Bounded Rationality in Migration Destination Choice

Authors Zuzanna Brunarska
Year 2019
Journal Name Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny
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11 Journal Article
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