Huddleston, Thomas


Thomas is Research Director at Migration Policy Group. He chairs the European policy network on migrant education (SIRIUS) and migration meetings of the EU NGO Platform on EU Asylum & Migration. He is the coordinator of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), EU Integration Website and Transatlantic Migrant Democracy Dialogue. Thomas obtained his PhD at Maastricht University on “Naturalisation in Action”. He is a Senior Fellow of Humanity in Action and an alumnus of Georgetown University.


Migration processes
Migration consequences (for migrants, sending and receiving countries)
Migration governance
Cross-cutting topics in migration research


  • Migration Policy Group

    Research Institute, Brussels, Belgium
    Research Director


Full membership or equal rights? The link between naturalisation and integration policies for immigrants in 29 European states

Authors Thomas Huddleston, Maarten P Vink
Year 2015
Journal Name Comparative Migration Studies
1 Journal Article

Legal Frameworks for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals

Authors Jan Niessen, Thomas Huddleston
Year 2018
2 Book

European Indicators of Migrant Integration

Year 2013
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In the European Union context, indicators have become increasingly important due to growing political commitment on integration policies at all levels of governance. In June 2010, EU Member States approved a number of European indicators of migrant integration, based on the EU2020 indicators and the EU’s Common Basic Principles, focusing on the core areas of employment, social inclusion, education, and active citizenship. The Commission’s July 2011 European Agenda for Integration views these indicators as a way to systematically monitor the integration situation and the EU2020 targets, enhance policy coordination, and make recommendations in dialogue with Member States. ICMPD together with the Migration Policy Group will produce an assessment report to confirm the relevance of current indicators for integration and whether current data sources are robust enough to calculate them. Objectives of the project • Analyse to what extent and whether the different integration realities in various EU Member States are the result of integration and migration policies, immigrant populations, and general contexts and policies. • Strengthen how European indicators of migrant integration capture and monitor the specific outcomes of integration policies. • Improve the way in which policy actors evaluate the effectiveness of integration policies, appreciate the other factors that shape the integration process, engage in the data and policy implications of indicators and mainstream integration into European cooperation and targets, including the EU2020 Strategy. Outcomes • Analysis reports (to explain the data behind the European indicators, test the effectiveness of certain migration and integration policies, and measure the impact of other policies). • Assessment report (to confirm the relevance of current indicators for integration and whether current data sources are robust enough to calculate them. ICMPD and the Migration Policy Group will propose additional indicators and data sources based on the chosen European indicators, the EU2020 strategy, and active citizenship). • Monitoring proposal (to outline how the European Commission can use the current and proposed indicators to monitor the results of integration policies). • Three expert seminars during the course of 2012 on the subjects of Employment, Education, and Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship.
3 Project

The European Web Site on Integration

Year 2007
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Migration Policy Group (MPG) has created and run the European Commission’s One-Stop-Shop website to inform integration stakeholders thanks to our team and network’s ability to collect and communicate reliable information and analysis.
4 Project

Sirius Network - Migrant Education

Year 2012
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SIRIUS 2.0 is the Migration Policy Group (MPG)-led network that brings together educational stakeholders (researchers, policymakers and practitioners as well as migrants and refugees themselves) to support inclusive policy development and facilitate the integration of children and young people with migration background in education.
5 Project

Intercultural Cities

Year 2016
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Intercultural Cities Index is an important instrument to assess whether the intercultural integration approach leads to a better quality of life in diverse cities. The Council of Europe’s Intercultural Cities Network entrusted Migration Policy Group (MPG) to validate its Index because of our unique expertise on indicators and multilevel governance. Migration Policy Group's (MPG) key finding—that intercultural cities are better places to live—was presented to hundreds of local authorities at the Network’s 10th Anniversary. The research identified the links between cities’ intercultural policies, national integration policies and local well-being, establishing that the most intercultural cities are better places to live. The study established that local policies can be more important than national policies for successful integration.
6 Project

Integration Policies: Who Benefits?

Authors Thomas Huddleston, Elena Sánchez-Montijano, Migration Policy Group (MPG), ...
Year 2015
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7 Policy Brief

Who is reshaping public opinion on the EU’s migration policies?

Authors Thomas Huddleston, Hind Sharif, Migration Policy Group (MPG)
Year 2019
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8 Policy Brief

Nationality Policies in the Books and in Practice: Comparing Immigrant Naturalisation across Europe

Authors Thomas Huddleston, Swantje Falcke
Year 2019
Journal Name International Migration
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9 Journal Article

The MIPEX Health strand: a longitudinal, mixed-methods survey of policies on migrant health in 38 countries

Authors David Ingleby, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Thomas Huddleston, ...
Year 2019
Journal Name European Journal of Public Health
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10 Journal Article

Setting up a System of Benchmarking to Measure the Success of Integration Policies in Europe

Authors Thomas Huddleston, Jan Niessen
Year 2007
Journal Name Socialinė teorija, empirija, politika ir praktika
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11 Journal Article

Political Participation and Naturalisation: A Common Agenda

Authors Thomas Huddleston
Year 2014
Journal Name Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen
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12 Journal Article

EC Readmission Agreements: A Re-evaluation of the Political Impasse

Authors Annabelle Roig, Thomas Huddleston
Year 2007
Journal Name European Journal of Migration and Law
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13 Journal Article

Labour market integration of immigrants and their children: Developing, activating and using skills

Authors Thomas Liebig, Thomas Huddleston
Year 2014
Book Title International Migration Outlook
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14 Book Chapter