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IMISCOE's Migration Research Hub brings experts, publications, datasets, and projects together under one roof.

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  • Database

    Find migration data and information, from literature to projects to topical experts, all in one place.
  • Output

    Methodological issues in migration studies, Migration Policy Indicators, Migration Scenarios and other CrossMigration project outputs
  • Taxonomy

    A system to help knowledge users and producers find the most relevant information for them.
  • Experts

    A directory of experts
    in the field of migration.


On News & Updates
27 January 2020

The Migration Research Hub and Web of Science: Partnering to move migration research forward

IMISCOE’s Migration Research Hub, built during the CrossMigration project, seeks to make research on migration more accessible, and to build bridges between researchers, policymakers and public opinion. A good way to do...
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On Interviews
5 December 2019

Video: Rinus Penninx on CrossMigration

CrossMigration is creating a taxonomy and an overview of research, and can give us insight into what we have done, what we didn't do and what has been used and where future possibilities lie, says Emeritus Professor Rinu...
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On Interviews
5 December 2019

Video: Laura Morales on CrossMigration

Laura Morales talks about how CrossMigration and the Migration Research Hub will make her own research into the political dimensions of migration across Europe easier and better.
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On Interviews
3 December 2019

Video: Russell King on CrossMigration

Russell King supports CrossMigration because of personal affinity, and because the project includes key players and the rising stars in migration studies. Join the growing community of migration researchers! Learn more a...
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