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On News & Updates
24 September 2019

Migration food for thought: Studying ethnic identities through the lens of Bourdieu

#migrationfoodforthought from Fiona Seiger, on ethnic identities and the creation of economic, cultural and social capital. When it comes to migration, ethnicity is a crucial aspect that needs to be fully understood a...
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On Food for thought
17 September 2019

Migration Food for Thought: Multiple migrations: Overlooked element of the migratory world

Literature on migration tends to focus on a sedentarised understanding of migration, when migrants move from place A to place B and settle there. This focus often overlooks the so-called multiple migrants, people who eng...
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On Food for thought
22 August 2019

Migration food for thought: A fresh approach to climate change migration

#migrationfoodforthought from Dr. Bishawjit Mallick of TU Dresden, expert on environmental migration, in response to this opinion. A fresh approach to climate change migration: we need the most affected communities on...
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On News & Updates
30 July 2019

Developing for the future of research: A look behind the curtain

CrossMigration is currently putting the finishing touches to the Migration Research Hub, the new online place to find all migration research under one roof, where the open-source migration research taxonomy will come to...
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